Skokka is a popular online dating service. Want to check it?

Sometimes it can be hard to recollect how we lived without internet connection and possibility of online acquaintance. Everything is changing so rapidly and what was wrong tomorrow may be just okay today. An online acquaintance is one of such topics that was almost a taboo several years ago and it was difficult to share such experience because of the friends and family’s reaction. Right now, we don’t have another possibility to find partners. So, this article will be helpful to all who are interested in this topic and want to learn more about one awesome website – Skokka.

Short Skokka review

Skokka dating platform is a place that was initially designed for helping lonely people around the world. The variability of chatting features are really huge and the list of registered member is enormous. Users’ interface is simple and rather understandable for anybody even totally new clients. The thing extremely important for all members is safety on the platform. Personal information that is left on the site is encrypted and nobody even site’s administration can use it. Such information is usually collected as statistical data for general regulation of the platform. Except of standard chatting on the site, there are offered also adult communication. Anybody who is signed up on Skokka App can use video chatting and even sex cam option. If you don’t want to be so intimate with strangers, you are not forced to do this. Registration

Skokka sign in

This process is extremely simple and almost intuitive. There is no huge difference between your registration in any social networking sites and this dating platform. Click on the Skokka Sign in and fill in the general information about yourself. Then you will be required to confirm your email address, by pressing on the link in the email you will be asked to specify your password. There are standard requirements to your password that includes: minimum 8 characters, minimum 1 number, one lowercase letter and Uppercase. Please, spend some time and create a safe password, it is needed for the safety of your personal information.

If you have any difficulties while signing up, you should better contact a support team at once. They will help with anything you need.

Quality of Skokka dating profiles

All the members are divided into several categories and each profile may be easily accessible. Only one click is separating you from communication with the best online users. When discussing the quality of each profile, they are so detailed and each of it is even better than pervious. Except of standard photos there is nudity as well, not too much, but you have still cool opportunity to review cool photos you’re your favorite users in bikini.

So, users include really detailed information and anyone even unregistered member can check their photos and basic profile’s info such as watsapp contact information, phone number, few sentences about this member and lots of cool photos.

Skokka App

There may be a period in your life when you are so tired and don’t want to waste any minute of your life for Skokka login/logout process. Then you have a unique chance to contact your favorite users via a convenient mobile application. There is no need to spend lots of time for switching on your old laptop, finding a site and logging in. The whole presses may be with only one touch. The cool feature in here is that anybody can personalized Skokka App and name it as he/she wants. That’s why, even if your friends with use your Smartphone, they will hardly guess that you are using something like this erotic chat. Rather convenient feature and rarely applications offer such thing. The icon of this application is in neutral pink color with letter S. Registration

Where are most of members from?

Skokka app as well as a PC version is available all over the globe. So, there are no restrictions for users and friendly atmosphere is really noticeable immediately after the registration. If you are interested more into regions from which the ladies on the site are, they are the following: Assam, Bihar, Goa, Odisha, Punjab, Delhi, Kerala and lots of others Indian regions. You may also categories the users due to the city.

Indian women are extremely beautiful and they will do whatever you want in a private chat. Except of a virtual interaction with users you may also choose real services such as massages, escorts or adult meetings. Such options are usually offered in big cities Dehli, Mumbai or Bangalore.

Additional features which are accessible after Skokka login

The first and the most popular option is “calls”. You just choose a city and scroll down all the available options. The premium members will be on the top and you can get really detailed information before calling them. There are also mentioned the possibility of erotic chatting with audio and video. You may check all of this just by scrolling so no need to open every profile and read a detailed description. Also, you can check how many photos are in profile without even opening it.

The next unexpected service is male escort. Didn’t expect such a thing? Maybe it is not extremely popular option, but still it exists and users order it. The process is the same as with chatting, you choose the city and scroll down all the available profiles.

One more feature that should be mentioned in Skokka review is adult dating. Everything starts from an online chatting and then lead to real meeting. Usually, Skokka search ends with this kind of story and lots of members leave reviews and emotional feedbacks on Skokka Tijuana experience.

One more popular feature is sex cam. Hope that there is no need to specify anything, because the title speaks for itself. One recommendation for any new comer is to share your inner desires before the sex cam chat and discuss this topic with a girl in details. All of us are different and maybe the lady isn’t ready for some of your sexual fantasies. There are some peculiarities in any kind of online chatting and this one is also special.

The last option for video interaction is usual video chatting. Due to lots of video sessions, the risks of Skokka scams are minimal. You can see a person right away and the only thing that can provoke a fraud is your reaction. Please, don’t share too much of your personal information while on a call and don’t make any money transactions even if a lady is asking for a help. Everything that you are paying for should be done on the site and under control of support experts’ team.

User’s feedback about Skokka Tijuana

“One day I just clicked on a pop up ad and find this cool platform for erotic communication. I liked it a lot, haven’t used better website than that. To be honest, I didn’t use any dating option and real interaction with users only virtual communication and sex chats. However, this was enough for me. I’ve recommended this platform to all my friends and decided to share my experience in here… Guys you don’t know what you are losing without Skokka Tijuana!”

“Online chatting can be even more exciting if using web cam and other cool features that are offered for all members. Sometimes I experienced a language barrier with the ladies but not extremely frequent and it doesn’t bother me at all. General conception of the site is awesome; anybody can choose something special in just a second. Moreover, ladies are so friendly and initiative. Maybe it is in their ethnicity or I just met such cool members…”


Skokka Argentina is a cool place where you can communicate with the best and the friendliest people in the world. The service functions not only in India, but there is also Skokka Costa Rica, Skokka Tijuana, Skokka Tucuman and Singapore. So anybody can find a pretty lady, transsexual, gay partner, swing couple or just escort service. As you see the variability of services that are offered on the site is really huge. You can get the most unforgettable experience on the site and in reality as well. Anything that you can imagine relating and all your sexual preferences; real relations or just erotic video may be viewed on Skokka Argentina.

The design is just awesome and navigation is extremely quick. There were not noticed any technical troubles on this site. So, if you have been searching for a reliable platform with lots of cool additional features that is functional around the globe, you should definitely try Skokka Tijuana. Nothing can be better than users’ friendly interface and quick support team that functions for you.

To cut a long story short, keep in mind that this platform is more like a fun place for interaction with pretty girls around the globe and there you will hardly find any serious relations. Maybe a girl during your flirty chat may mention something like real meeting, but it doesn’t relate to anything serious.